The Mission's Main Auditorium has enormous potential for a great variety of performance styles. In 2013 the maximum audience capacity was increased to 150, but the free-standing chairs and rostra can still be arranged for smaller audience numbers to suit more intimate productions.

The Main Auditorium can be laid out in 6 standard designs, with the performance space available as end-on, thrust or in-the-round with varying capacities. Visiting companies are advised to discuss their layout with the Theatre Manager at the time of booking, as the choice of layout can dramatically affect the amount of performing space available. If you are a hiring company and you are unsure about which layout to choose, please contact the Theatre Manager on 01225 428600 to talk about layouts for your show and, if necessary, arrange a visit.

For full technical specifications of the Main Auditorium, including sound and lighting, please download our "Technical Specification" PDF by clicking here.