"Well Worth Watching" - Next Stage Theatre Company receives outstanding review for 'The River'

The cast of Next Stage Theatre Company's The River performed last night in front of a preview audience, before the show officially opens on Tuesday 6th. They received an excellent review from Petra Schofield, which can be read below. Make sure you don't miss this 'glorious play', with its 'fine performances' - buy tickets from the Next Stage Box Office by emailing nextstagebath@aol.com or calling 01225 428600.

"This poetic and ethereal piece by Butterworth is a tangle of life, love and the natural world. The ebb and flow of the sunset, river and moon is the framework for a compelling play which snaps and turns as readily as the elusive sea trout at the centre of the story.

Set in a rural location we find The Man (Nicky Wilkins) who waxes lyrical over fish and his girlfriend Woman 1 (Hannah Smyth) a strong, questioning woman; all seems straightforward until the unexpected entrance of Woman 2 (Hayley Fitton-Cook) an altogether different woman who enjoys the fun of the monster munch success bringing home their dinner.

The continuous time line whilst clearly switching between episodes in the man’s life is occasionally hard to follow, the challenge is after all in the chase of the fish and there is much symbolism throughout the piece. There is a clear ritual being played out and the reclusive nature of The Man reflects his solitude and obsession in capturing the jewels of the river. The contrasts of the women and their reflective qualities proves what an unreachable soul he is, whilst the fine lyrical writing creates great images and the intimacy of the space allows a tangible tension.

This is a glorious play, which provokes and challenges; you certainly do not have to be interested in fishing. The fine performances ensure this one act play twists and turns with energy and finesse. Well worth watching."

Petra Schofield