The Bath Fringe Festival making waves at The Mission Theatre

The 2017 Bath Fringe Festival has got off to a fabulous start following last Friday's Opening Night Party here at The Mission.

There have been over a dozen performances of first-class shows from Bath Spa University students and visiting professional companies.

The exciting entertainment will continue from Thursday with the welcome return of the highly-talented Novato Dance Company celebrating it's 10th anniversary year. Don't miss this great troupe's beautiful and engaging show: Encore, featuring a wide range of dance styles from classical to modern. 

Here's a taster of what is in store next week as first-class Fringe shows from around the country continue at The Mission Theatre...

Alf the Highwayman - Brave Bold Drama

4th June at 11.30am & 2.30pm

Come along to this child-friendly, award-winning production (Best Children's Show at the Shaftesbury and Swindon Fringes') as we follow the story of Alf who snatches and grabs without a care. As he gallops through the blustery woods, along the seashore and even through a circus tent... will he learn there are better ways to play?

Tickets: £7/5 from Brown Paper Tickets: 
0800 411 8881

Husband of the Bride - Luke Graves

4th June at 7pm

Come and watch the "very funny" and "immensely likeable" Luke Graves with his "laid-back and friendly show" about love, life and marriage. Wit and humour delivered with an easy going charm. Luke also offers a money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Tickets: £7/5 from Brown Paper Tickets: 
0800 411 8881

Woolf - Theatre With Teeth

5th June at 3pm & 7.30pm

The very talented Theatre With Teeth from Exeter University perform Woolf, based on the incredible true story of one of the world's most celebrated writers and women: Virginia Woolf. The performance uses physicality, playful creativity and nostalgic storytelling to create a treat for all.

Tickets: £5/3 or on the door

I thought I might be Jet Li (but it turns out that I'm not) - Threedumb Theatre

6th - 8th June at 7.30pm

"You're not a woman... who you speaking for?"
Three men with made up names wait for the world to make sense. Lads, Lads. Lads? Something big's gonna happen - if they can cut the bull and keep Michelle Obama alive.

Tickets: £8/6 from Bath Box Office:
01225 463362

Tartuffe - Bath University Student Theatre

9th June at 2pm
10th June at 7.30pm

This hilarious translation of Moliere's Tartuffe, by Roger McGough, brings new life to the classic French farce. Set within the 17th century aristocracy the play tells the tale of Tartuffe, a fraud posing as a priest, who feigns piety to swindle the upper classes out of their wealth.

Tickets: £8/5 from The Edge:
01225 386777

Phantom - Bath University Student Theatre

9th June at 7.30pm
10th June at 2pm

Bath University Student Theatre perform a new play by Lucas Fisher-Horas following Gabriel Blake who is a man haunted by grief. Through an act of heroism he is introduced to Olivia, a girl who is equally lost in life and trapped within a toxic relationship. In each other they find solace, yet the closer they grow, the greater the stakes should tragedy strike.

Tickets: £8/5 from The Edge:
01225 386777

A Suitcase of Memories - Back In Time Theatre Company

11th June at 11am

Nothing is more powerful than the love of a married couple, when a husband is caring for his slowly dying wife, the memorable moments they've shared bring them closer than ever as they reflect on their adventurous, life journey together.

Tickets: £6/4 or on the door