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Bath Fringe Festival

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The 2018 Bath Fringe Festival will take place in the city between Friday 25th May - Sunday 10th June. As an attractive and popular city-centre venue, The Mission Theatre is thrilled to once again be hosting many exciting Fringe events. With its versatile 100-seater Main Auditorium and its buzzing Fringe Hub and Bar in the 50-seater Theatre Upstairs, The Mission Theatre will be full to bursting with first-class Fringe acts from around the country.

Detailed information will be available on our website from 1st April 2018.

Please take a look below at some of the performances we have coming up during The 2018 Bath Fringe Festival at The Mission Theatre. 





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Saturday 26th May - Noon

In the Theatre Upstairs

Thereby Hangs A Tale Theatre Company presents

The Interlinear of Cabeza de Vaca and Malinche

Thereby Hangs A Tale presents two astonishing stories of the Spanish colonisation of the Americas, performed with live music accompaniment. Malinche, by Haniel Long (1939) - The Oluta Indian, interpreter and lover of Hernan Cortes, tells her story with insights into the exploitation of women that resonates today. The Interlinear of Cabeza de Vaca by Haniel Long (1936) - "A bright spot in the history of man" Henry Miller.

Tickets £6 (£5 concs)

Available online here:

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Saturday 26th May - 3pm  Sunday 27th May - 1pm & 2.30pm

In the Main Auditorium

The Little Things Theatre presents

A Dog's Brexit

A Dog's Brexit is a Dr Seuss meets Animal Farm-esque portrayal of Britain's exit from the EU, filled with dogs, rhymes, songs and explanations that aim to speak directly to children. This play is an opportunity to re-live the events that led to Britain leaving the European Union, in a light-hearted and pun-filled way! The Little Things aim to stay neutral in the argument, presenting a variety of views, offering children and their families the opportunity to reflect without necessarily having to 'pick a side'. 

Ticket prices various.

Available online here:

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Saturday 26th May - 7.30pm

In the Main Auditorium

High and Dry presents

The Child Who Said No

The Child Who Said No is a spoken word meta-drama and theatrical play based on real lives and real mental health recovery. Every persons mental health recovery tells the stories of a lifetime. Every story tells a thousand dreams. Every dream permeates reality.

The play is a journey of life, grief, hope, change and the human condition. The audience travels as companions with our characters, to walk with the shadows and through the mirror into a dream reality of feeling, learning and evolving to discover their unseen and hidden truth. “To believe and see the unseen.

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Sunday 27th May - 8pm

In the Main Auditorium

The Rattle’n’Roll Players present

The Rise and Fall of King Donald the 1/5th

A rich, aggressive merchant seizes the throne of Egoland. Who can save the world from his destructive impulses? The Rattlen’n’Roll Players have created a strangely familiar Donald, but in a fictional time and place. Hilarious political satire with pathos and wit.

Tickets: £12 (£10 concs) 

Available from: Brown Paper Tickets


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Tuesday 29th - Thursday 31st May - 7.30pm

In the Main Auditorium

Big Egg Theatre presents

Bummer and Lazarus

An absurd comedy that blends slapstick, nonsense and existentialism. This is the tale of two inseparable friends, renowned killers, and the most famous faces in California. Under the careful tutelage of his best friend Bummer, Lazarus will learn everything; from physiology to ontology, fact to fiction, life to death. Bummer is more concerned with staying alive. The pair are trapped, and are beginning to starve. If they don’t escape soon they will surely die. But first, Lazarus has some questions. 

Also, they are both dogs

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Wilson Sledge big.jpg

Friday 1st June - 5pm

Monday 4th June - 5pm

In the Main Auditorium

Spaniel in the Works Theatre Company presents

The Final Journey of Edward Wilson

This dramatic and moving play charts the life of Edward Wilson, explorer and naturalist on Scott's journeys to the Antarctic. Wilson encounters a mysterious figure as he and his fellow explorers face the end of their journey at the Pole. Cheltenham born Edward Wilson, the naturalist, was also a caring and religious man and the play explores all facets of his character, not only as an enthusiastic man of science and exploration, but also as a brave one who died at the South Pole. 

Tickets £10 (£8 concs) 

Available online here:

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Friday 1st June - 8pm

In the Theatre Upstairs

Marie Myrie presents


Route is a play originated from lyricism and poetry, it plays with the journey of self-acceptance and the meaning of home. Having parents that migrated as a product of the Windrush in 1948 from Jamaica, she finds herself embarking in a mirrored experience of isolation as we follow the journey on her time at a predominantly white middle-class university. Route, is a vibrant, uplifting and thought-provoking piece that allows plenty of room for play and interpretation. With a mix of Caribbean themes such as reggae and hard food - it brings it's audience into the world that our protagonist must face up to.

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Saturday 2nd June - 2pm & 4pm

Sunday 3rd June - 4pm

In the Main Auditorium

Nos Three Theatre Company presents

Friendly Ever After

Friendly Ever After is a touching story of Sarmento and Daluz, two young clowns trying to find true friendship. Between the many jokes, arguments, disputes and amusing moments, Sarmento and Daluz discover, with the help of the young audience, that friendship can be deeper and more rewarding if they simply start to act with genuine kindness, tolerance and empathy with one another.

Tickets £10 (£5 concs) 

Available online here:

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Saturday 2nd June - 7pm & 8.30pm

In the Theatre Upstairs

Something Theatre presents

The Lightning Tree

A new one man show performed by Darren Little. Written & Directed by Matthew Clift. 1960's America. A man sits in a mental institution awaiting his ‘fate’. Disturbed by a tale that he remembers beginning from childhood in the ‘Great Depression’, he tries to distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. How did he end up being held in such a place and will his twisted, broken memory and dreams become reality? Will he ever see 'The Lightning Tree'?... Storytelling, theatrics and rising horror collide then twist and turn until we are all left unsure of the truth.

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Sunday 3rd June - 1pm

In the Main Auditorium

OOOH ARRR Productions presents

Murder Mystery on The SS Great Britain

The year is 2018 and The SS Great Britain is about to embark upon a new journey. However, as soon as the ship departs there is something untoward. Five high profile guests are aboard this ship, however one of them goes mysteriously missing. It is up to YOU to solve the mystery. Featuring dazzling projections, a cabaret show as well as setting sail on the West Country’s most famous ship, this new show from Bristol based theatre company OOOH ARRR Productions is sure to have something for everyone.

Tickets: £9 (no concs) 

Available from: Bath Box Office 01225 463362


Sunday 3rd - Tuesday 5th June - 8pm

In the Main Auditorium

Palomar Theatre presents


Night out. Pub. Friends- but one of them is a bit more than a mate, isn’t he? Eve watches Gabe flirt with everyone, including their waitress, knowing that once the games are over, he will come to her. She’s hooked, she knows it, but she doesn’t like it. As Eve loses her favourite game, memories surface from a childhood long ignored. Eve confronts demons in her partner to find them living in her own skin. Using tender puppetry, striking stage images and a brutally vulnerable script Darlings is a timely look at modern relationships, manipulation, and how they are tied into our childhood experience.

"Darlings toys with the audience’s expectations, asking them to challenge their preconceptions about manipulative relationships, and, in turn, reflect on their own relationships and interiority" - Epigram Arts. ****

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Tuesday 5th June - 5pm

Wednesday 6th June - 7.30pm

In the Main Auditorium

Mechanimal presents


Zugunruhe is an ornithological term describing 'migratory restlessness in birds'. From cages to planetariums, Zambia to the UK, quantum biology to magnetic fields, this show explores the wild migration flight to Marsh Warbler from southern Africa into Europe. Having rehearsed amongst birds and wetlands in Somerset, performer Tom Bailey offers audiences a feast of bird behaviour alongside a digital sound map of the Warbler's journey, created by composer Rowan Evans. Amid the present 'European migration crisis', this show looks to ask: Can animal migration offer new ways of thinking about human migration?  



Wednesday 6th - Thursday 7th June - 4pm

In the Main Auditorium

Noonday Demons Theatre Co presents

Excellence & The Rest of Us

Two brief, bilious, occasionally bloody one-actors. Two institutions. A local comp and a sedate little care home. United by menace, linked through secrets, consolidated in corny one-liners... In Excellence, French teacher Naomi is unsettled by a disembodied voice on one of her oral tapes. In The Rest of Us, roving local radio hack Matt, hunkers down for a few days at Petit Place for a state-of-the-nation stint in which he sees more of the residents than he really wanted.  


Thursday 7th & Friday 8th June - 7pm

In the Theatre Upstairs

The Latebloomers present


Our show is a physical comedy full of silliness, songs, stomping and dancing, fishing, hunting, slapping, rowing, freedom, brotherhood and the spirit of Scotland.  Three 'Scots' go forth into the ancient lands of Scotland, overcoming dangers, in search of the spirit of Scotland. We want to bring the love we have of Scottish culture to the audience and leave them full of spirit, joy and laughter after each show.