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Church of Phil Recruitment Seminar - Bath Comedy Fest 2017

£8 (£6 Conc)


Presented by Fire Donkey Productions as part of Bath Comedy Festival 2017

The Church of Phil invites you to slap on a name sticker for an introductory enrolment seminar like no other! Enjoy some meticulously constructed powerpoint presentations, marvel at specially choreographed dances and seize the opportunity to sign a non-negotiable life-long contract to become a member of 'one of the world's most progressive spiritual movements that is definitely not a cult'. Join two of Phil's most loyal officiants as they guide you through the rigorous selection process and show you how Phil can improve your life. Hear creditable 100% unforced testimonies from current members and learn the true enlightenment. Allow the omnipresent Phil into your mind and join us for an unforgettable experience. Choose Phil and expect to be awakened.

Suitable for ages 10+