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Phantom by Lucas Fisher-Horas / Tartuffe by Moliere adapted by Roger McGough - Bath Fringe Festival 2017

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£8 (£5 Conc)


Presented by Bath University Theatre Society as part of the Bath Fringe Festival 2017

Phantom will be performed on Friday 7:30 and Saturday 2:00
Tartuffe will be performed on Friday 2:00 and Saturday 7:30

Phantom by Lucas Fisher-Horas
Gabriel Blake is a man haunted by grief. Through an act of heroism he is introduced to Olivia, a girl who is equally lost in life and trapped within a toxic relationship. In each other they find solace, yet the closer they grow, the greater the stakes should tragedy strike.

Tartuffe by Molière, adapted by Roger McGough
This hilarious translation of Molière's Tartuffe, by BBC Radio 4's Roger McGough brings new life to the classic French farce. Set within the 17th century aristocracy the play tells the tale of Tartuffe, a fraud posing as a priest, who feigns piety to swindle the upper classes put of their wealth.

Suitable for ages 16+