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Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Murders by David Webb

Tickets: £10 / £8 (children)

Available from Timsbury Theatre Group:

0754 215 2595


Presented by the Timsbury Theatre Group

Tuesday 11th July at 7:30pm

Agatha Crusty (pronounced Croosty) is a crime novelist. She’s also pretty adept at solving crimes. When her sister-in-law, Alice, invites her to spend a few days with her in the Village of Chortelby, it’s not long before she gets caught up in a series of murders which seem directed at members of the All Saints Village Hall committee.

From Toby, the Vicar, and Eleanor, the chair of the committee, to Harry Knott the caretaker and identical twins Olivia and Oliver Truscott-Pratt, there are plenty of suspects. With an investigating officer as incompetent as D.I. Twigg, there are plenty of laughs as the murders begin to pile up.

While packed full of wit and very funny scenes, this play is also a genuine murder mystery with an ingenious plot which will tax the little grey cells of the audience at the same time!