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The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare


Tickets: £8 (£5 Concs)

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Presented by Bath University Student Theatre Society

Thursday 1st March - Saturday 3rd March at 7:30pm

We came into the world like brother and brother, And now let’s go hand in hand, not one before another.

After a shipwreck separates a family, twin brothers (both named Antipholus) and their twin servants (both called Dromio), each grow up entirely unaware of their counterpart’s existence, providing the ideal ingredients for a riotous serving of Shakespearean chaos.

One brother finds himself in awe of foreign generosity, whilst the other is infuriated by his neighbours’ unwarranted animosity. The servants, trapped by false orders, are driven halfway to madness by their masters’ gratuitous and excessive punishments.

Based on two farces by the Roman playwright Plautus, Shakespeare whimsically whips them together to create havoc and hilarity. Bath University Student Theatre are proud to present the Comedy of Errors in this, the first of two visits the company are making to The Mission Theatre this season.