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Spark Fest- Bath Spa Live

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A bold and brave programme of live performance from creative graduates of Bath Spa University. Over two weeks, cutting-edge theatre, music and dance will inhabit the four corners of our beautiful World Heritage City.

Spark Fest only asks that you bring your curiosity and a spirit of adventure!

Wherever you discover us, this programme will ignite your thoughts and ideas through imagination and innovation.

Spark Fest is the realisation of an exciting and dynamic partnership between Bath Festivals and Bath Spa University. Together, they are taking a look at how young talent engages with Bath audiences and the region’s artistic community.


Monday 14th May - 4pm

Wednesday 16th May - 8pm

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Plebs

The story of two men sent on a quest to help their dear friend Hamlet, who meet a raunchy band of Tragedians and a mysterious Player… 

But who are they, where are they, and why are there so many hats?

They’re just two absurdly comic, hat swapping, guilder flipping plebs! 

Tickets: £6/ £4/ £3

Available online at:



Monday 14th May - 6pm

Tuesday 15th May - 6pm


Lennon, Versace, Kennedy, King. All shot down by assassins.

America, the land of the free and home of the brave, where everyone pursues the American dream. But what if that means taking a life? What truly makes an assassin?

Five assassins. One room. A million motives 

Tickets: £6/ £4/ £3

Available online at:

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Monday 14th May - 8pm

Wednesday 16th May - 6pm

The Baachae

In the deepest dark forest, a pack of wild women are driven into madness. The smell of wine is in the air. The stench of blood lingers everywhere. The Bacchae is a classic Greek tragedy, and Rooted Veins Production Company will show you just how twisted and dirty this story can be. 

Tickets: £6/ £4/ £3

Available online at:

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Tuesday 15th May - 4pm

Thursday 17th May - 8pm

Park Bench

Park Bench uses the creative exploration of a bench through time and how it can be used to help two people along their journey together. How they orchestrate their way through a modern day relationship, how they deal with learning to love and how it feels when things don’t go to plan.  

Tickets: £6 / £4/ £3

Available online at:

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Tuesday 15th May - 8pm

Thursday 17th May - 4pm

What Makes a Man? 

What really makes a man? Is it his expensive suit? The size of his muscles? Does true masculinity even exist?

‘What Makes a Man?’ Is a physical theatre piece that explores the long lasting effect in men’s mental health who have been conditioned to behave in typically ‘masculine’ ways from a young age. 

Tickets: £6 / £4/ £3 

Available online at:

The Everywhen Tellings_Thumb.jpg

Wednesday 16th May - 4pm

Thursday 17th May - 6pm

The Everywhen Tellings: Open Wide & Crow Song

Acclaimed storyteller Eleanor Buchan bring two tales of fire and redemption that draw on history, medicine and mythology to explore what wholeness means in a fragmented age.

Open Wide investigates the rise of ‘hysterical mutism’ in women of the 19th Century, whilst Crow Song (a work-in progress sharing) crawls into the underbelly of Celtic mythology to witness the clash between two mighty goddesses. Wickedly funny, tender and deeply honest, this double-bill leads the audience into the raw darkness in every human heart. 

Tickets: £6 / £4/ £3

Available from: